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ME 370A: Energy Systems I: Thermodynamics (2023-2024 Aut)

Thermodynamic analysis of energy systems emphasizing systematic methodology for and application of basic principles to generate quantitative understanding. Exergy, mixtures, reacting systems, phase equilibrium, chemical exergy, and modern computational methods for analysis. Prerequisites: undergraduate engineering thermodynamics and computer skills such as Matlab.

ME 390A: Thermofluids, Energy, and Propulsion Research Seminar (2023-2024 Spr)

ENERGY 201B: Fundamentals of Energy Processes (EE 293B) (2023-2024 Win)

For seniors and graduate students. Covers scientific and engineering fundamentals of renewable energy processes involving heat. Thermodynamics, heat engines, solar thermal, geothermal, biomass. 

ENERGY 205: Hydrogen Economy (2023-2024 Win)

This is a seminar course on the hydrogen economy as a critical piece of the global energy transformation. This course will introduce the unique characteristics of hydrogen, its potential role in decarbonizing the global energy system, and how it compares to other alternative and complementary solutions. We will cover the main ideas/themes of how hydrogen is made, transported and stored, and used around the world through a series of lectures and guest speakers.

ENERGY 351/352: ESE Graduate Seminar (2023-2024 Aut)